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People may say cash is king, but they don’t always give it the royal treatment it deserves. Make sure you’re managing your cash the right way with these three tips.

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4 Reasons to Buy Bonds in 2017

Although bonds have historically been considered the “boring” part of a portfolio, Peter Lazaroff views fixed income as an area of high risk–when it comes to bad investor behavior. Here, he outlines four reasons to consider buying bonds this year.

DOW 20K: More Psychological Than Material

As an investor, it’s important to understand that the “DOW 20K” mark is really just a psychological benchmark, similar to reaching a certain bank account level or salary.

Resolutions vs. Financial Life Goals

The holidays have passed, kids are back in school and you’re starting to get back into a routine. Here are three simple, yet practical, steps to kick-start your new year down the right path.

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Reduce Tax Liability with These Tips

The end of the year is an exciting time for most of us. Crisper weather, holiday celebrations, family time … And year-end tax planning. What’s not to love?

3 Ways to Raise Kids that Give

As parents, we may think we do a good job being charitable, but what happens when we’re no longer here? It’s not only important that we give back, but that we also instill those values in the next generation.