Fiduciary Excellence

...Plancorp's interests are aligned solely with those of its clients.

Investment Advisor is Certified for Fiduciary Excellence

CEFEX, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC, has certified Plancorp, LLC., of St. Louis, MO to the Fiduciary Practices for Investment Advisors. Plancorp is among the first Investment Advisors globally to successfully complete the independent certification process. It is the first firm in the state of Missouri to earn this certification.

CEFEX logoAccording to the General Manager of the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, Carlos Panksep, "Through CEFEX's independent assessment, the certification provides assurance to investors, both institutional and individual, that Plancorp has demonstrated adherence to the industry's best fiduciary practices. This indicates that Plancorp's interests are aligned with those of investors."

What this means for you...

Investors are typically served by a host of professional advisors whom a client believes are trustworthy and will act in their best interests. As a registered investment advisor and a fiduciary, unlike broker-dealers, we are required by law to act in the best interests of our clients. Our certification from CEFEX demonstrates that we adhere to the industry's best business practices, and that our procedures meet or exceed our fiduciary responsibilities.

Note: Click for more detailed information on the Fiduciary Standards (or view as a flip book, click here).

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