Women’s Initiative

Plancorp is committed to engaging directly with our female clients,
as well as with the women in our community.

We launched the Plancorp Women’s Initiative in 2016 to take a focused, organized approach to this effort. Our hope is that by creating content and hosting events that address our female clients’ specific interests, we’ll empower them to find their financial voices.
Plancorp's Women's Initiative Team



The Women’s Initiative at Plancorp provides relevant and impactful support to the women we serve. We strive to become advocates not only for our clients, but also for the women in our community by addressing topics specific to their financial lives.

Upcoming Events

We host two events each year, one in spring and one in fall. Events feature guest speakers, book discussions, networking opportunities and more.

Thought Leadership

As part of the Plancorp Women’s Initiative, we tap the expertise of our female employees to create content for Plancorp’s blog. This group of employees, representing roles as diverse as planning associates to retirement plan advisors, actively listens to feedback from female clients and determines how best to translate topics of interest into valuable content.

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A year ago, Plancorp’s Sara Gelsheimer was boarding a plane to Uganda, Africa. Here are the life lessons she came away with—and how she plans to carry them into 2017.

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