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Max Ballo

Financial Planning Associate

Max Ballo

Financial Planning Associate


Max was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Half-way through high-school, his family moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin. He attended a small, liberal arts college intiatially intending to do pre-med but he decided to go a different route.

He trasferred to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he discovered his love for the personal finance program, which helped him fulfill his passion for helping people; by encouraging clients to take control of their financial road-map.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing squash as well as running. He is a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan, but to cancel out their poor performance, he also cheers on the Green Bay Packers.

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S Personal Finance-Financial Planning concentration


How Much Money to Put in Your Emergency Fund

Emergency funds. Everyone has heard of them, and most of us know we need to have cash ready for unexpected expenses. But what many do not know is how much money they, specifically, should set aside.

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The Top Five Benefits of Investing in a 401(k)

On average, Social Security replaces around 40% of income for retirees, and even less for high earners. So unless you’ve got a cushy pension lined up, that means the majority of your retirement income will be a result of your own planning and investing. Enter the glory of the 401(k).

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Behind Kathy Lambert's 'Connections to Success'

Kathy Lambert, Co-Founder and CEO, opened Dress for Success Midwest in 1998 after reading an article about Dress for Success (DfS), New York. The article explained how DfS provided interview appropriate attire to women in disadvantaged situations, helping them be on the same playing field as other candidates. Understanding the need for this service locally, Kathy opened the first DfS affiliate in the St. Louis region. Here is here story.

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