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We believe you shouldn't have to sift through hundreds of news stories to decipher what's important for your financial plan. 

The Plancorp Perspective aims to give you peace of mind and keep you apprised of what matters, without click bait headlines or buzzword clutter. Tune in monthly as Chris Kerckhoff, Ranie Verby, and special guests from the Plancorp team dig in on what you should know about and the Plancorp perspective on it.

We'll be covering:

  • Market trends & interesting articles worth reading
  • What's happening at Plancorp & upcoming events
  • Frequently asked questions

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Episode 1 May 2023 Plancorp Perspective

The debt ceiling debate is dominating the news cycle, so we anted to share our long-term perspective on what this means for investors today and in the future. We also have a great discussion on what "enough" looks like when you're saving for the future and looking to live well today. 

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Chris Kerckhoff

President & CEO

Ranie Verby_7x5

Ranie Verby

Director of Wealth Management


Chris & Ranie offer a voice to the philosophy of Plancorp's planning style. Learn more about them via their profiles on our meet the team page.

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