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Crafted Advantage

In the shallows of basic financial advice, you're at the tip of the iceberg of what's possible.

“The myth that all financial plans are the same costs families big every day."

J. Christopher Kerckhoff, President & CEO
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Without realizing it, you’re only at the surface of what’s possible.

At Plancorp, we take things deeper.

We know the biggest questions aren’t about allocation strategies or tax breaks.

They’re about building the confidence you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t even aware of that could cost you or your future generations.

They’re about making sure you’re making the right moves to extract everything possible of your opportunities.

We believe they deserve
Absolute Wealth Alignment.

Our clients live life with purpose. They deserve answers to these questions and more that don’t leave them skeptically content.

We’ve perfected a model over our 40+ years in business to align your goals, values, and preferences with your financial plan to achieve and maintain Absolute Wealth Alignment.

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The Difference is Clear

More than two thirds of people feel like they don't have someone to talk to about money.
Of those with a clear financial plan say they are confident they will achieve goals.

The Plancorp Process

Step 01

Getting To Know You

Schedule your 15-minute discovery call so we can learn a little bit about each other and make sure Plancorp is a good fit for you. If so, the next step is to build a first draft of your financial plan to present in a 90-minute follow up meeting. This allows you to better understand what it’s like to work with Plancorp and allows us to showcase how our financial planning expertise can help you. 

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Step 02

Gathering The Data

Our plans and recommendations are only as valid as the information fueling them. We'll launch an easy-to-use digital onboarding platform that allows you to securely share key data from past tax returns or portfolios so we can properly assess your situation and run models.

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Step 03

Coming Together

This is where things get exciting. We'll regroup including members of our team with deep knowledge on the topics most important to you and walk through your plan and make refinements based on your goals. A financial independence analysis will guide this process and we'll conclude with a clear breakdown of exactly what an agreement with Plancorp would look like for you and your family.

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Step 04

Onboarding and Implementing

We'll work with you to securely share any additional details and account information to fully implement Plancorp as your trusted investment advisor and financial planning partner. We'll discuss the steps and a regular meeting cadence to take the work off your plate while ensuring you feel informed and supported through life's milestones, big and small.

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Step 05

Reviewing and Updating

While a lot of work is done up front to establish key components of your financial plan like an investment allocation, estate plan, and insurance plan, the real value comes through our commitment to continually evaluate and optimize your plan and help you make decisions when they come up. You can set a cadence with your Wealth Manager that matches your life so you feel supported, not smothered, by someone who is truly your financial advocate.

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analysis results

Is Your Plan Off-Balance?

We’ve distilled the key indicators of wealth alignment into a simple 2-minute analysis so you can quickly assess the most common question we hear: “Is my plan missing something?”

Your results will generate instantly, plus we’ll curate and follow up with strategies, tips, and resources specific for your situation.

Test Your Financial Plan

Services We Offer

Personal Solutions
Wealth Management
A holistic and proactive approach to managing an entire financial plan to achieve life’s goals.
Family Office
Plancorp supports your legacy through education and generational wealth transfer planning for ultra-high-net-worth families.
Business Solutions
Corporate Retirement Plans
Easily select and manage a company 401(k) or Cash Balance plan with minimal fees and Plancorp’s guidance.
Business Succession Planning
Set your business up for success or secure your personal financial plan? You can do both with an exit strategy advisor.
Institutional Asset Management
Focus on the mission of your institution knowing Plancorp has your back managing the complex financial needs of endowments & nonprofits.
  • 64% of people don't have someone to talk to about money source.
  • 92% of people with clear and documented financial plans feel confident they will achieve goals source

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