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Financial Planning For What’s Next In Life

Our clients always wish they had started this process sooner. An estate plan is the cornerstone of many holistic financial plans. It’s important you have all your documents, passwords, and funeral arrangements established to help your family celebrate your life rather than scramble to figure it all out.

From equity compensation to participating in your company’s employee stock purchase plan, we have tools that will make your hard-earned cash work even harder toward achieving your goals.

Everyone’s goal is to earn enough money to one day quit their 'day jobs' to pursue passions and retire in peace. Getting there isn’t as easy as putting away a little bit from each paycheck. We’ll discuss your goals for retirement and put your money to work to help you achieve those dreams.

From managing generational wealth with a Trust to finding creative ways to gift money to kids that avoid tax implications, we’ll help you find a financial planning strategy that works for you and your family.

It’s no secret that higher education comes at a high cost. Whether for your kids, grandkids, or yourself, we’ll help you strategically save for college while also ensuring you still meet your personal financial goals.

Our clients (and their kids) need to read up before taking this next step in life. Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, and before you move everything under one roof, it’s important to make sure your finances are in order. We help clients and their close family members navigate the financial implications of getting married.

It’s natural to want your business to succeed after you move on or retire. We’ve got the tools to build a successful exit strategy. Together, we’ll develop a plan that supports the best outcome for you, your stakeholders, and your employees.

Divorce is rated as one of the most stressful times in life, and we aim to make sure financial concerns aren't adding to that stress for clients.  We’ll walk you through ways to prepare everything from the documents needed, establishing credit in your own name, discussing any non-liquid assets, and more.

What happens when we come into sudden wealth? The goal is to maintain and grow it to last, but making the wrong choices can lead to unforeseen tax implications and other headaches. We’ll walk you through the best ways to invest or distribute that wealth depending on your goals.


The Plancorp Crafted Advantage

Without realizing it, most people are stuck in the shallows of basic financial advice. We see great financial planning like an iceberg, with most of the real story happening below the surface.

With a process perfected over 40 years to dive deep and align your wealth with your goals and values, we can craft your advantage.

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Real People. Real Results.

Put Our Wide Range of Experience to Work for Your Goals

Robo-advisors claim their algorithm can solve all your problems. When you work with Plancorp, you’re working with the real-life experience of the entire team. You can trust the collective knowledge that has exponentially grown our client base for 40 years.

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Achievements and Recognition

Our Approach is Award-Winning

We are proud of our growth and accomplishments. From local centers of influence to national news outlets, our advice is trusted.

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Our High Fiduciary Standard. Proud to Be CEFEX-Certified.

What it Means

In short, it means that we do what’s best for our clients, even if it isn’t the easy thing for our team, and that standard is documentable. CEFEX firms submit to an extensive audit that includes a thorough review of processes and adherence to a strict protocol of fiduciary standards.

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Why it Matters

Plancorp was one of the first advisory firms in the country to be CEFEX-certified and have been for over 15 years now. We are dedicated to earning client trust and acting in your best interest, and we have the certification to prove it.

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How We Got It

CEFEX advisors are audited to the industry’s best practice standard by expert analysts. Most individual investors don’t have time to deeply research financial advisors. We’re the cream of the crop and you can trust us to work hard for you.

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Services We Offer

Personal Solutions
Wealth Management
A holistic and proactive approach to managing an entire financial plan to achieve life’s goals.
Family Office
Plancorp supports your legacy through education and generational wealth transfer planning for ultra-high-net-worth families.
Business Solutions
Corporate Retirement Plans
Easily select and manage a company 401(k) or Cash Balance plan with minimal fees and Plancorp’s guidance.
Institutional Asset Management
Focus on the mission of your institution knowing Plancorp has your back managing the complex financial needs of endowments & nonprofits.
Business Succession Planning
Set your business up for success or secure your personal financial plan? You can do both with an exit strategy advisor.

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