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Working with Plancorp means working with a financial life advocate who dedicates their time to providing a personalized financial planning and investment experience that’s focused on your unique goals. Click below for a complimentary 15-minute consultation with a Plancorp advisor.

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Life comes with a lot of different financial decisions. Here are some of the ways we help:



Our comprehensive financial planning includes a customized roadmap to help you make smart money decisions and solidify your financial future without having to worry about potential, “what if’s?”



We take the guesswork out of investing by applying a data-driven approach to help you accomplish your goals. By leveraging the latest research, our investment team seeks to optimize your investments to give you the greatest chance of success.



We take great pride in our ability to offer proactive advanced planning strategies. We can work with you to minimize taxes, fulfill philanthropic goals, exit or transition from your business, or plan for a multi-generational wealth transfer.



When it comes to wealth management, your entire family must understand its complexities. We’ll take the time to advise, coach, and educate your loved ones, so they have a strong foundation to build upon.



We work for you and only you. There are no hidden fees, sales commissions, or kickbacks. We’re on your side of the table and dedicated to full transparency.



Our industry-leading technology makes it easier to monitor your financial plan and investments. Leverage our proprietary Plancorp App and advanced video conferencing capabilities to easily communicate with your wealth management team anytime.



There are no books of business, so every client is a client of the entire firm. This gives you access to decades of experience in every financial vertical including taxes, estate planning, insurance, non-traditional compensation, exit strategy, and generational wealth.



Becoming your financial advocate means always acting in your best interest. We’ll work together to solve your problems, make your life simpler, and maximize your wealth.

The Plancorp Process

  1. Getting to Know You
  2. Collecting Your Data
  3. Coming Together
  4. Onboarding and Implementing
  5. Reviewing and Updating

Step 1: Getting to Know You

Schedule your 15-minute discovery call so we can learn a little bit about each other and make sure Plancorp is a good fit for you. If so, the next step is to build a first draft of your financial plan to present in a 90-minute follow up meeting. This allows you to better understand what it’s like to work with Plancorp and allows us to showcase how our financial planning expertise can help you. 

Step 2: Collecting Your Data

When you’ve agreed to move forward with the process, we’ll collect the necessary data to build a draft financial plan. Depending on how quickly you collect the information, this step takes anywhere from one to three weeks.

Step 3: Coming Together

Everyone involved in your financial success will meet for 90 minutes to review your draft financial plan, fully explain our services, review our client agreement, and answer your questions. Whether you decide to hire us or not, our goal is to provide you with valuable insights into your finances.

Step 4: Onboarding and Implementing

Once you’ve signed the client agreement, we’ll begin our streamlined onboarding process to get the necessary accounts and documents in place. From there we will begin fine tuning your financial plan and create a dashboard to track your progress.

Step 5: Reviewing and Updating

Life is constantly changing, which requires regular updates to your financial plan. After our initial onboarding meetings, we’ll meet periodically to offer proactive advice and assist you in any updates. If you need something before that, we’re just a call or email away.

Are We Right For You?

Plancorp is located in St. Louis but serves over 1500 clients across 44 states, but there are some commonalities among our clients:

  • Investors seeking strategies that minimize taxes today and in retirement
  • Busy professionals who are ready to delegate their financial decisions to a professional
  • Diligent savers who want to ensure they’re allocating their savings to the places that optimize their chances of achieving financial success
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to maximize and protect the wealth they’ve created
  • Parents or grandparents who care deeply about their family’s future

Still Have Questions?

How do you get paid at Plancorp?

We are only compensated from the fees our clients pay us -- not from the products or services we recommend. At Plancorp, you are a client of the firm and not an individual advisor.

Where are your offices?

Plancorp headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri. Thanks to our national team of advisors and cutting edge technology, we work with clients in 44 different states providing an exceptional client experience no matter your location.

Depending on your account needs we often travel to meet clients in person as needed.

At this time, we have a financial advisor presence in St. Louis, MO; Nashville, TN; San Francisco, CA; and the greater Southern Florida area between Sarasota, FL and Boca Raton, FL. 

In St. Louis we are located at 540 Maryville Centre Dr. in the Vanderbilt Office Park, conveniently located off I-64 near Maryville University. Our office has covered parking, a comfortable waiting area with a wide selection of snacks and beverages, and is fully accessible. 

Who holds my money?

As a client of Plancorp, your assets will be held by Charles Schwab and Co. Plancorp never takes ownership of any of your assets, which remain in a separate account that you own. Your custodian will provide you with independent account statements showing all holdings and activity in your accounts.

What is your client retention rate?

We take a great deal of pride in the level of trust our clients place with us, underscored by our 98 percent client retention rate.