We Focus on Making the Most of Your Wealth

With 40 years of experience, Plancorp has grown over the years by staying dedicated to one thing: our clients.

Long before the fiduciary standard was trendy, we offered independent financial advice that helped our clients achieve their goals today, tomorrow, and in the future — passing on a legacy to the next generation.

With an evidence-based philosophy, we won’t try to sell you any form of crystal ball predictions and our true team approach means the collective knowledge of our entire team is put to work for your financial plan.

  • What We Do

    We Help Our Clients With Wealth Management

    You’ve worked hard for your success, but managing your money doesn’t have to be hard. Plancorp wealth managers take the stress out of managing complex finances by being your proactive partner and experienced resource; creating a holistic plan that empowers you to meet your goals and have peace of mind.

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    Wealth Management
    Wealth Management
  • What We Do

    We Help Our Clients With Corporate Retirement Planning

    Not all corporate 401(k) plans are created equal and understanding regulations, options, and fee benchmarks can be tough. Plancorp’s dedicated team of corporate retirement plan advisors will help you create and manage a custom plan to invest in the future of your workforce.

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  • What We Do

    We Help Our Clients With Generational Wealth Transfers

    When it comes to managing a large net worth and impending generational wealth transfers, things can get complicated. The Family Office solution at Plancorp provides bespoke guidance and governance that helps to prevent generational wealth loss.

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    High Net Worth
    High Net Worth
  • What We Do

    We Help Our Clients With Business Succession Planning

    Business owners often wait too long to develop a succession plan, costing their team and themselves big in the long run. Working with an Exit Strategy Advisor at Plancorp is unique because it allows you to tap the experience of the entire team to create a plan to confidently start your next chapter knowing both the business and your personal financial plan are set up for success.  

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    Succession Planning
    Succession Planning
  • What We Do

    We Help Our Clients With Institutional Asset Management

    Simply put, we have dedicated resources to help institutions like charities, schools, or foundations appropriately manage their financial assets to achieve their missions. Managing an endowment comes with many stakeholders and the importance of being able to continue the mission is critical. Plancorp is dedicated to maintaining and growing that mission as your partner.

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    Institutional Asset Management
    Institutional Asset Management

Where to Find Us

We Have Clients Nationwide, But St. Louis is Our Home

Plancorp has clients in 43 states, but our headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri where the firm was founded in 1983. For the last 40 years, our team has grown to over 75 employees and our collective experience is award-winning.

We know financial decisions are life decisions. When you work with Plancorp, you can count on deep human connections to help guide complex decisions, not basic advice or robo-advisor correspondence.

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The Plancorp Crafted Advantage

Without realizing it, most people are stuck in the shallows of basic financial advice. We see great financial planning like an iceberg, with most of the real story happening below the surface.

With a process perfected over 40 years to dive deep and align your wealth with your goals and values, we can craft your advantage.

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Our Amazing Team

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Our History

From Humble Beginnings

Forty years ago, the financial planning landscape was dominated by brokers who saw financial planning as an opportunity to sell products that enhanced their bottom line. Our founder Jeff Buckner was convinced there was a better way, so he founded Plancorp out of his home office, offering genuinely independent financial planning services clients could trust.

Forty years later, we aim to use our unique approach to financial planning services to inspire confidence for life's journey for thousands of families.

How It All Began

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We Are Thought Leaders

As a top financial advisory firm in St. Louis, we’ve been established in local circles and national news outlets as industry thought leaders. Browse our featured resources to learn more about our approach to wealth management.


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Services We Offer

Personal Solutions
Wealth Management
A holistic and proactive approach to managing an entire financial plan to achieve life’s goals.
Family Office
Plancorp supports your legacy through education and generational wealth transfer planning.
Business Solutions
Corporate Retirement Plans
Easily select and manage a company 401(k) or Cash Balance plan with minimal fees and Plancorp’s guidance.
Institutional Asset Management
Focus on the mission of your institution knowing Plancorp has your back managing the complex financial needs of endowments & nonprofits.
Business Succession Planning
Set your business up for success or secure your personal financial plan? You can do both with an exit strategy advisor.