Business Succession Planning


Crafting a Business Succession Plan That Provides You Financial Freedom

As a business owner, you spend years, maybe even decades, growing and shaping your company to match your strategic vision. Moving on or selling it may not be on your mind currently, but considering a business succession plan now will help you in the future.

At Plancorp, we can provide a comprehensive transition strategy to support the best outcome for you and your business.

Our Approach

Align Your Succession Plan With Your Vision

No two succession plans are alike, but they all begin the same way. We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to determine what they want to achieve—personally and professionally.

We then evaluate the current state of the business and determine its value. We assess financial information, leadership and key employees, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to fully understand the business.

Many owners put off succession planning because there is so much to evaluate. With Plancorp on your side to do the heavy lifting and handle the details, you can increase the value of your company, cultivate the talent that will carry your vision forward, and gain the peace of mind that you are exiting into a future you designed.

Schedule a Consultation
  • Discovery

    We'll start by meeting with you to understand your goals and determine your needs in order to establish a foundation for a tailored transition strategy.

  • Transition Strategy

    We don't want to limit you to a simple plan. Instead, we'll focus on creating a comprehensive strategy that will address all the aspects surrounding ownership transition.

  • Future Success

    The strategy we build for you is centered around one key objective: Making sure you are prepared and able to lead the life you want after exiting your company.

Develop Your Strategy & Implement Your Plan

  • Evaluate All the Options
  • Increase Value & Minimize Risk
  • Build & Engage Your Team
  • Drive Results
Evaluate All the Options

Evaluate All the Options

Many business owners are surprised by the different ways to creatively exit their business.

You may think there is only one way to accomplish this, but there are often multiple alternatives that need to be considered.

We coach our clients on the best approach to a transition that fulfills their primary goals.

Increase Value & Minimize Risk

Increase Value & Minimize Risk

Buying and selling a business is not without its risks. A buyer that discovers soft spots in the transition of a business will shift that risk to the seller by requiring a lower sale price.

In contrast, when a buyer encounters a seller that has thoroughly thought through the process, prepared the business to run without them, and is prepared to transition out of the business, the buyer perceives fewer risks and they are willing to pay a premium for the business.

Build & Engage Your Team

Build & Engage Your Team

As a business owner who is looking to transition their ownership, you need an experienced team that knows how to effectively execute this process.

Many owners have trusted advisors that play a part in this process, and others need help building out that team. Either way, Plancorp can help coordinate your team’s efforts.

We are not here to replace anyone, just to help the team stay focused and communicate what it takes to accomplish the task at hand.

Drive Results

Drive Results

Transferring ownership is a process with many steps. We engage clients based on a project that is flexible and custom designed for each business.

The focus will be on achieving targeted results through specific recommendations. Progress will be monitored on a regular basis to make sure your objectives are being accomplished.

Plancorp adheres to high levels of data privacy and cybersecurity to keep your information safe. Learn more here.


The Plancorp Crafted Advantage

Without realizing it, most people are stuck in the shallows of basic financial advice. We see great financial planning like an iceberg, with most of the real story happening below the surface.

With a process perfected over 40 years to dive deep and align your wealth with your goals and values, we can craft your advantage.

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Succession Planning Worksheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor?

A Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) is an advisor who attends an executive MBA-style program that trains qualified professionals in the field of exit planning and then passes a proctored exam. The Exit Planning Institute confers this accreditation.

Why would someone choose to stay after reaching out for help in creating an exit plan strategy?

Some business owners may need to pause their exit strategies to build more value so they can reach their financial goals once they leave their companies. If this happens, Plancorp can help identify the right value drivers.

Will Plancorp respond to a third party that expresses interest in my business?

Yes. If an outside party comes to you with interest in acquiring your business, our advisors can work with them and you to determine the right plan.

What is a succession plan?

A succession plan is part of an exit strategy. It provides for the continued operation of a business in the event that the owner or key member of the management team is no longer involved in running the company due to retirement, death or disability.

How are you paid at Plancorp?

We only take compensation from the fees our clients pay us -- not from the products or services we recommend. This allows us to remain objective. We provide our exit planning services on a fixed fee, project basis. There is no success fee based on a percentage of the transaction value.

What other financial services do you provide?

Our professional team can guide you on other important financial strategies like wealth management, charitable giving, institutional asset management, retirement planning, generational wealth transfer, and more. For more information, click here.

What security measures are in place to protect clients’ personal information?

At Plancorp, we look out for you. That's why we take important measures to protect your security. Here are a few quick facts about how we put your security first.

  • We do not have access to your account credentials. We don’t store credentials for your linked financial accounts, either.

  • Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Our portal requires the latest TLS (a type of digital protocol that keeps data safe) for authentication and encryption.

  • We leverage industry leading cloud platforms to keep your data and account information secure.

Read more about our cyber security efforts here.

Your Team

Our team of Exit Strategy Advisors has extensive experience buying, selling, and transitioning companies in the private and public sectors. We’ll leverage our expertise to make sure your transition strategy is as smooth as possible and meets your ultimate goals.

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