Plancorp Celebrates 10 Years of CEFEX Certification

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 Plancorp Team By: Plancorp Team
Above: (L-R) Joe Patane, Kyle Attarian, Jeff Buckner, Susan Conrad and Carlos Panksep (CEFEX) accept Plancorp's 10-year recognition.

When it comes to Plancorp's fiduciary commitment, Jeff Buckner puts it this way: "We were acting as fiduciaries before we knew what it legally meant.” Jeff, our Founder and Chairman, says he initially founded the firm based on values he learned from his father and grandfather. That adherence to integrity and morals drove the development of our firm's culture as it stands today.

Plancorp believes in putting our clients’ needs first and keeping their best interests at heart—and we do our best to make sure our actions speak just as loudly as our words. As one of first firms in the nation to become certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX), we were honored to receive a 10-year recognition of our certification at Fi360's annual conference in Nashville earlier this year.

For more on what it means to be a CEFEX-certified fiduciary, hear from Managing Director Carlos Panksep in the videos below.

What Does It Mean to Be CEFEX-Certified?

Carlos Panksep, Managing Director of the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX), reviews the rigorous process to become CEFEX-certified.

Carlos Panksep

Benefits of Having a CEFEX-Certified Advisor

Carlos Panksep, Managing Director, explains how you can benefit from working with a CEFEX-certified advisor like Plancorp.

Carlos Panksep

How CEFEX Increases Trust in the Industry

When you work with a CEFEX-certified advisory firm, you can be confident the firm is meeting its obligations to you. Here's why.


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