When Should You Cash in Your Stock Options?

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 Sara Gelsheimer By: Sara Gelsheimer

Company stock options have the potential to be incredibly valuable, but cashing them in is often tied to complex emotions. Am I defying my company? How do I know when it's the right time? 

Too often we allow our emotions to drive financial decision-making. When we separate our money from our emotions, we make better financial decisions. Here are four factors to consider:

  • Your personal financial interests come before your job.
  • Make financial rules for yourself—and stick to them.
  • Put you and your family first.
  • Consider your retirement goals.

In this article, Sara expands on the above factors to help guide you in your decision-making whether that be planning for your financial future or stabilizing your current financial situation.

Read the entire article on Harvard Business Review.

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Sara came to Plancorp in 2013 with a strong financial background and an even stronger commitment to financial education—particularly for women. A Wealth Manager and Founder of InspireHer (Plancorp's Women's Initiative), Sara is also a new mom. More »