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 Peter Lazaroff By: Peter Lazaroff

Forbes reached out to an array of investment advisers, including myself, to share their most beloved mutual funds.

Did you know that investors have some 9,200 mutual funds and 1,400 exchange-traded funds to choose from in the U.S. – the most in the entire world? Mutual Funds dwarf the 5,240 stocks listed on the U.S. stock market a la the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange, according to the World Federation of Exchanges.

I helped narrow the options by recommending the DFA Five-Year Global Fixed Portfolio (DFGBX).

Global fixed income is the biggest investable asset class, yet it seems to be the place U.S. investors are most underinvested. Since yields across countries do not move in lock-step, global bonds afford investors the ability to diversify further. In fact, when comparing correlations, the diversification is more than double that of adding International exposure to your stock portfolio.

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