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 Larry Guess By: Larry Guess

We are proud to have our own Larry Guess, Director of Succession Planning, featured as the author of a new article on Entrepreneurship.com.

1 in 10 Leaders Say Succession Planning Is Not Worth the Time and Money It Costs—Here's Why They're Wrong

In the article, Guess highlights the importance of succession planning for business owners, and offers five key strategies to consider when preparing for the transition of ownership.

The article underscores that thorough preparation and understanding of the process are essential of a successful succession plan. A well-structured succession planning roadmap increases the likelihood of receiving the business's true value and maintaining financial stability in the future. 

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Succession Planning

After successfully selling his share of a business, Larry joined Plancorp in 2016 to lead our Exit Strategy Advisors division. Thanks to his extensive experience buying and selling companies in both the private and public sectors, as well as his time consulting in this arena, he’s able to connect on a personal level with clients looking to chart their own transitions. More »