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Rachel Rogers

Portfolio Analyst

Rachel Rogers

Portfolio Analyst


A St. Louis native, Rachel graduated from University of Oklahoma in 2014 with her Bachelor's in Engineering Physics and minors in Math and International Area Studies. She spent the next two years working in Uganda as the data manager for a rural water hand-pump company. Naturally good with numbers (hence the math minor), she brings great mathematical acumen and strategic thinking to her role.

In her free time, Rachel enjoys listening to live music, drinking on patios and playing in her Skeeball league. She's also an active member of the Young Professionals of Easterseals Midwest.

  • University of Oklahoma, Bachelor's in Engineering Physics and minors in Math and International Area Studies, 2014


How to Create an IPO Wealth Management Plan After Your Company Goes Public

Many big-name companies have taken the plunge recently and gone public. The move to unroll an initial public offering or IPO, is often a lengthy decision process that follows years of hard work building up a brand. The fallout can be sudden, requiring its employees to create an IPO wealth management plan.

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Want to Save for Your Dream Future? Start Now

Goals are great. They get you from point A to point B and keep you motivated along the way. That said, we all know how hard it can be to stick to your goals — especially financial ones.

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All in the Family: 3 Steps for Estate Planning

The definition of “family” is more fluid than ever. It’s common to hear of second or third marriages. It’s more socially acceptable for people to cohabitate with a partner without being legally married. Children may live with or be raised by people other than their biological parents. Brothers and sisters are often step-siblings or half-siblings.

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