Our Awards and Measured Success

We're a nationally-acclaimed firm, as defined by the industry, the media and our contemporaries.

Year after year, Plancorp consistently receives local and national awards and recognition. We view this as a reflection of our work and commitment to provide the highest level of client service.

Some awards have been given to our firm and some have been awarded to individual wealth managers and investment advisors on our team. All of them reflect Plancorp’s allegiance to our clients and our desire to offer strong financial recommendations based on evidence-based, Nobel-prize winning research.

Awards & Recognition

Awards by Outlet

Please note: Awards are not indicative of future performance. Awards and Other Recognitions should not be interpreted as a guarantee or suggestion that a client or prospective client will experience a certain level of results if our firm is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide investment advisory services, or as an endorsement of our firm by any past or present client. None of the sponsoring publications or organizations are affiliated with our firm, none of the Awards or Other Recognitions are based on client evaluations of our firm, and we have not made any payments for or in anticipation of any Award or Other Recognition. The links above contain additional information regarding the respective sponsoring publications’ and organizations’ processes and methodologies. We encourage you to contact the sponsoring publications and organizations directly if you would like more information.

Additional information on advisor selection:

AdvisoryHQ developed a “Top-Down Advisor Selection Methodology” based on a variety of filters, including fiduciary duty, independence, transparency, level of customized service, history of innovation, fee structure, quality of services provided, team excellence, and wealth of experience. Plancorp did not pay a fee to participate in this rating, nor did we solicit it.  Our understanding is that it was neither based on investment performance nor testimonials from clients or business partners. Additional information about award selection provided to us by AdvisoryHQ can be found here: https://www.advisoryhq.com/articles/frequently-asked-questions/#SEC-Award-Criteria-Disclosure

Forbes/RIA Channel

100 Fastest Growing RIA Firms Over Ten Years: To be considered for our ranking, each firm must be a registered investment advisor (RIA) with the SEC, provide wealth management services and serve individual clients as a primary focus.  Broker/dealers, hedge funds, those managing large funds and firms with disciplinary disclosures were excluded.  As the RIA market changes and grows, RIA Channel continues to adapt its criteria to the current environment.

Financial Times

AUM comprised roughly 65 to 70 per cent of each adviser’s score, while asset growth accounted for an additional 10 to 15 per cent. Additionally, the FT caps the number of companies from any one state. The cap is roughly based on the distribution of millionaires across the US. We present the FT 300 as an elite group, not a competitive ranking of one to 300. This is the fairest way to identify the industry’s elite advisers while accounting for the companies’ different approaches and different specialisations. The research was conducted on behalf of the Financial Times by Ignites Research, a Financial Times sister publication.

Financial Planning

Discovery Data compiled the rankings based on discretionary and nondiscretionary assets under management listed on SEC Form ADV as of November 2016. To capture independent fee-only planning firms, every effort is made to exclude firms with broker-dealer and insurance company affiliations, and those with substantial outside ownership stakes held by private equity firms and some outside investors. The list does not include roll-ups, aggregators or turnkey asset management programs. To capture firms that provide true, holistic financial advice to individuals, only firms with more than 50% individual clients, as can be determined through Form ADVs, are included. Review of unusual cases may result in inclusion or exclusion, based on unique factors. As the RIA sector evolves, so do the criteria.

Wealth Management

WealthManagement.com’s “Top 100 Retail RIAs of 2016” ranking was assembled using data from Discovery Data. RIA firms are ranked by the total assets under management reported on Form ADV. To make this list, firms had to be U.S.-based and serve individual investors as their primary business. Note: The AUM amounts listed are those on Form ADV as of Sept. 14, 2016. However, for most firms, the AUM listed is as of year-end 2015 or early 2016, as calculated at the time of the firm’s last Form ADV amendment filing.


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