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Plancorp's Women's Initiative Team

The women of Plancorp are on a mission: to inspire financial confidence in all women through education and impactful support. By giving women a platform to be curious, inspire and be inspired, we hope to empower them to be more confident in their financial lives.

Be Inspired.

We draw our inspiration from you. In the content we write and events we host, we aim to address your questions and celebrate strengths of the women in our community. Our goal is that you feel inspired, informed and empowered.

Each year, we host two events, featuring guest speakers, book discussions, networking opportunities and more. For more information on upcoming events, please email

Latest Posts from the Women’s Initiative

Tackling the Investment Gap

We’ve heard a lot about the wage gap in the last decade or so, but the investment gap is just starting to get more press. Despite the fact that more and more are identifying

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The Trouble with Being an Optimist

People tend to tell me I’m a positive person, even if I don’t always feel like I am. I do try to see the good in others (which can work both for and against me).

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Going Global with Your Portfolio

If you’re like me, the wrap of last month’s Olympic games left you wondering: What do I watch on TV now? The global competition gave us all new respect for how much time and

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3 Keys to Loving Where You Work

One of the best parts about my job as Chief Talent Officer at Plancorp is introducing new people to our firm and our partners at BrightPlan. Not only do I get to tell them about

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