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The women of Plancorp are on a mission: to inspire financial confidence in all women through education and impactful support. By giving women a platform to be curious, inspire and be inspired, we hope to empower them to be more confident in their financial lives.

Be Inspired.

We draw our inspiration from you. In the content we write and events we host, we aim to address your questions and celebrate strengths of the women in our community. Our goal is that you feel inspired, informed and empowered.

Each year, we host two events, featuring guest speakers, book discussions, networking opportunities and more. For more information on upcoming events, please email

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Kathy Lambert, Co-Founder and CEO, opened Dress for Success Midwest in 1998 after reading an article about Dress for Success (DfS), New York. The article explained how DfS

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How Donor-Advised Fund Saved My Parents $15,000 In Taxes

 “It’s the perfect opportunity to save taxes!” This is a statement that is typically only exclaimed by tax accountants, but as a CPA, this opportunity had me excited. I was able

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There are usually two ways to get to where you’re going, right? One may be the direct route on the highway with more cars and more traffic. The scenic route has fewer cars and may

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All in the Family: Meet Our Sister Company, BrightPlan

If you have a good understanding of investments and your financial plan, maybe it’s time to help out your siblings, children, or grandchildren. In the last couple of years,

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