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Plancorp's Women's Initiative Team

The women of Plancorp are on a mission: to inspire financial confidence in all women through education and impactful support. By giving women a platform to be curious, inspire and be inspired, we hope to empower them to be more confident in their financial lives.

Be Inspired.

We draw our inspiration from you. In the content we write and events we host, we aim to address your questions and celebrate strengths of the women in our community. Our goal is that you feel inspired, informed and empowered.

Each year, we host two events, featuring guest speakers, book discussions, networking opportunities and more. For more information on upcoming events, please email

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin

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Lessons from "Less Stress, More Time" Workshop

We often think of “fight or flight” mode as it applies to animals. When your dog hears thunder, maybe he growls—or sprints to hide under the bed. But what do you do when faced

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