Estate Planning


Plan Your Legacy, Protect Your Wealth

You’ve worked your whole life to build and maintain your wealth. Protecting your assets and focusing on what’s best for your family is your top priority, and Plancorp can help integrate your estate plan into your financial plan. Together as part of comprehensive Wealth Management services, we’ll create a strategy to ensure you feel secure about your legacy and its implementation. 



Your life and your dreams go beyond money — they also involve your values and philanthropic goals.



We’ll work to understand your family history and how your estate plan fits into your comprehensive financial plan.



Your estate plan is uniquely yours and focused on ensuring future financial success for you and your family.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning involves mapping how your property and assets will be divided after death. Estate planning is one portion of Plancorp’s comprehensive wealth management services, and we can help tie it all together.

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Working with a wealth manager will ensure all components of your financial plan are included in your estate plan, including tax strategy, business succession, trust details, and more. Your estate plan will also minimize the tax burden on anyone who inherits your assets.  

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Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

Without an estate plan, your family only has vague ideas on how you’d like your assets to be handled and assets can be at risk of being subject to undue tax liabilities, reducing the benefit of what is designed to be a gift to the next generation. Working with a wealth manager to finalize your estate plan will ensure all the elements of your financial plan are included. 

An estate plan provides clear instructions as to who will receive your property and when and how it will be received. It may also name legal guardians for your minor children or outline your wishes for transferring your business. 

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What We Offer

  • Tax Coordination and Planning
  • Protecting Your Estate
  • Family Education and Governance
  • Investment Management
  • Accounting Services
Tax Coordination and Planning

Tax Coordination and Planning

Our CPAs will evaluate your current tax strategies, review recent returns, and make recommendations to show how taxes can impact your different legacy scenarios.

Protecting Your Estate

Protecting Your Estate

Trusts and estate planning are designed to help you manage and preserve your family’s assets. Our team can develop a unique plan for you and your family that align with your goals and objectives.

Family Education and Governance

Family Education and Governance

An alarming 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation, and 90% lose it by the third. Through the correct education and governance, your family can make the right decisions to keep their finances healthy and your legacy intact.

Investment Management

Investment Management

Your investments helped build your wealth, and we’ll help keep them healthy by evaluating your holdings and providing valuable feedback. Together, we can establish a clear Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to guide your investments and set an asset allocation that will help you reach your family’s financial goals.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Our family office aims to take care of all the details regarding your generational wealth. We provide services from experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), budget and cash management, and accounting services  to ensure your wealth is being handled wisely.

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