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 Sara Gelsheimer By: Sara Gelsheimer

Starting a business can be overwhelming. Part of ensuring that you're poised for success is having a Certified Financial Planner at your side to make sure you've covered every aspect and protected yourself and your business to the fullest extent. Having the right financial advisor by your side means having a proactive partner who works with you to guide you towards achieving your business goals.

Senior Wealth Manager, Sara Gelsheimer created this video series which walks through the 5 common mistakes business owners make, and advises on how to avoid them.

#1. No Worst-Case Scenario Plan

#2. Bad Cash Flow Management 

#3. No Risk Mitigation

#4. Independence

#5. No Retirement Plan

Choosing an advisor that provides comprehensive financial planning — not just investment advice — can help organize and protect your business. 

Perhaps most important of all, hiring a professional frees you up to focus on the day-to-day operations of running and growing your business.

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Sara came to Plancorp in 2013 with a strong financial background and an even stronger commitment to financial education—particularly for women. A Wealth Manager and Founder of InspireHer (Plancorp's Women's Initiative), Sara is also a new mom. More »