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Betsy Derringer

Executive Assistant

Betsy Derringer

Executive Assistant


Betsy has been the smiling, welcoming face of Plancorp for nearly 15 years. With a background in retail and client service, she’s well-versed in client management and creative problem solving. Whether she’s scheduling review appointments, handling administrative duties, or assisting with quarterly billings and mailings, Betsy is the glue that holds the Plancorp team together.

In her free time, Betsy enjoys sports, reading, shopping and spending time with her grandchildren.


What's Your Relationship Status with Money?

Single, committed or complicated, we're all in relationships with our money. And what better time to evaluate the status of that relationship than Valentine’s Day?

Like in romantic relationships, the hallmarks of a good relationship with your finances include emotional maturity, commitment and trust. Consider the signs of a healthy relationship below. How does the future look for you and your money?

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We Opened a New Office in San Jose

On behalf of Plancorp, I am thrilled to announce that we have opened a new office in San Jose, California. This is an exciting development for us and helps us better serve current and future clients in the San Francisco Bay area. Our San Jose office will be located in the same building as, BrightPlan, which we believe will continue to foster synergies between our teams.

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